Safer Together – For a safer community

Safer Together is a volunteer organisation that works in support of community safety initiatives in the Greater Muizenberg area.

The formation of Safer Together in early June 2008 was tentative – as a result of the need for funds at the Muizenberg Community Policing Forum and at the Muizenberg Police Comfort Centre. One could say that was the seed – and none of us was sure whether it would grow. We are pleased that – in nine months, by co-incidence! – the “baby” has grown and is ready to start an own life. We will continue with the same objectives – as a community initiative of residents the Greater Muizenberg area to help raise awareness of safety and security issues that affect us all, to bring people from the different communities together, and to raise funds for equipment and relevant projects to promote safety.

Safer Together works closely with all relevant stakeholders such as the Neighbourhood Watch Association network, the Community Police Forum, False Bay Tourism and Business Forum and Muizenberg Improvement District.

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